"What the hell did I just watch?" was what I asked myself after walking out of Sorry to Bother You. I was really looking forward to this movie after I saw the trailer on YouTube. I liked all of the cast members and was happy to see my Mom's hometown of Oakland getting some attention. Without giving anything away for those who haven't seen it yet I have to say that I was enjoying the movie for the first half, but at the middle of the second half is when things started to get just plain weird.

When going into the movie be aware that the trailer doesn't even scratch the surface of how insane this movie gets but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I was expecting to see one type of movie but instead got something completely different, something that was just too weird for me to get into. All of this coming from the guy who willingly watches strange movies like Godzilla. The utter strangeness of this movie might be a turn off for some but be interesting for others.

My only real problem with the movie was that the commentary was too blatant and in your face instead of being cleverly masked throughout the story which made it feel that the movie was waving it’s finger in your face the entire time.

For good things in this movie I have to say that no matter how weird it got that it was pretty entertaining and it is a very original story. The acting was also really good across the board and I especially enjoyed Armie Hammer's performance.

Overall even though I thought it was strange and personally not my thing I would recommend it to anybody whose in the mood for something weird. That is why I’ll be giving Sorry to Bother You a…

TO SEE because it’s something you have to see to believe.

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