I've already done a video reaction of the last Justice League trailer so I figured I'd just write a blog about this one. If you would like to see my review of the last trailer visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQgNxf4j0ZOLy547sy0RAQ

I loved the trailer and thought it was well constructed and didn't show too much footage or spoilers and teased just the right amount of content. However I'm hoping that this will be the final trailer mainly because they have already shown a lot of footage from the movie and it is a common criticism that trailers tend to spoil the best parts of the movie nowadays. If there are anymore trailers I will most likely not watch them as I want the movie to feel fresh when I see it.

I have not seen Wonder Woman yet although I plan to see it and review it before Justice League is released this November, but it seems DC (Or Warner Brothers) have been listening to the criticisms from both fans and critics. This is shown with movie having much more color and life to it, similar to Zack Snyder's earlier superhero film The Watchman. There also appears to be much more humor in this movie and while it is indeed welcomed and needed I’m still afraid of them going overboard with it like Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I think the costumes look great but the CGI still looks a little “underdone.” As I mentioned earlier the trailer did a great job at teasing certain characters like Stepponwolf and possibly the return of Superman or even Green Lantern.

Speaking of Green Lantern I was ecstatic when I heard Stepponwolf say, “...there are no lanterns to protect you!” I’ve been hoping that Green Lantern would be in Justice League since he is one of the original members, however him being in the movie would also lead to one of the problems that I fear this movie may have, spending the entire movie setting up these characters. Green Lantern is a character that should have of had his own movie before the release of Justice League otherwise he might feel shoehorned into the movie rather than a part of it.

Either way the trailer was great and the movie does look good, and after hearing the positive response for Wonder Woman and that DC Comics has taken more creative control I’m looking forward to it. However I’m still worried as to whether or not it can live up to the hype and satisfy long time fans like myself after three lackluster movies and one good one. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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Danny Benson

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